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Tackling Stress In Games – Part 2: Minimizing Tilt

If you want to make your gaming experience healthier and more positive, it’s not enough…

3 Ways Video Games Can Empower Autistic Players

Video games historically have had a reputation of being addictive, violent, and/or harmful. However, as…

Tackling Stress In Games – Part 1: Identifying Stressors

Think about the last time you played a game (for many of us, it was…


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Wanted: Healthy Food and Beverage Sponsors

Sometimes it’s hard for gamers to pay attention to what we’re eating. With food and…

Pay Attention: Mindless Eating While Gaming Can Become A Bad Habit

When it comes to snacking, I often think about one iconic line from Jack Black’s…

We're All Gamers: HyperX

We’re All Gamers and HyperX is always ready to game. See you in the queue, #HyperXFamily.


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Gamers Outreach Brings Joy Through Gamers For Giving 2021

Of all of the great charities in the gaming and esports worlds, there is one…

Leonhart Used Pokémon Cards to Raise Over $400k for Mental Health

Leonhart, one of the most popular Pokémon card content creators, delivered a major (and desperately…

Games Done Quick: A Massive Effort by the Speedrunning Community

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2021 Online is right around the corner (Jan 3rd-10th), and…



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More Than Meets the Eye: Fan Service in Video Games

One of my favorite things about video games is being able to customize my character…

Goal Setting and Evaluation in the Gaming and Streaming Industry

Spring has sprung, and those New Years resolutions likely have been forgotten, or fallen by…

Representation From the Eyes of the Represented

Until a couple of years ago, I have never worried about representation in video games….



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