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Nutrition: How Your Diet Changes Your Game

Nutrition should be one of the main focuses in the performance of esports players. But…

5 Video Games Proven To Reduce Anxiety

Many of us turn to video games in times when we need to unwind from…

So You Want To Be An Esports Writer

Have you ever read an article or piece of writing about esports and thought, “Wow,…


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Purposeful Play: Finding Balance Between Esports and College

Thanks to their ballooning worldwide popularity, esports have extended into the collegiate space over the…

Critical Callouts: How Gamers Survived Lockdown With Communication

It seems as though we’re finally coming out of a very dark period of time…

The History Of Gaming Disorder: Diagnosis, Treatment, And Prevention

Studies have proven that video games can relieve stress and act as an escape from…


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7 Exercise Moves You Can Do While You Wait For Queue

Finding time to exercise can be hard. These days, we are overloaded with obligations. Whether…

Tackling Stress In Games – Part 2: Minimizing Tilt

If you want to make your gaming experience healthier and more positive, it’s not enough…

We're All Gamers: HyperX

We’re All Gamers and HyperX is always ready to game. See you in the queue, #HyperXFamily.


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Playing for Pride is Returning This June!

The 2nd annual Playing for Pride event is coming June 18, 19, and 20! In…

Gamers Outreach Brings Joy Through Gamers For Giving 2021

Of all of the great charities in the gaming and esports worlds, there is one…

Leonhart Used Pokémon Cards to Raise Over $400k for Mental Health

Leonhart, one of the most popular Pokémon card content creators, delivered a major (and desperately…



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More Than Meets the Eye: A Farewell

There is always more than what meets the eye. That’s why I started writing this…

Gaming and Financial Health: What are the Pitfalls?

Health and wellness awareness in the gaming and esports worlds is at an all-time peak….

More Than Meets the Eye: Fan Service in Video Games

One of my favorite things about video games is being able to customize my character…



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