Ritual Motion is a community-driven resource, dedicated to gamer health, wellness and inclusion. We believe that it’s not just about winning, it’s about ‘Winning Well” because as a gamer or eSports athlete you’ll be challenged, mind, body, and soul.

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The Ritual Motion ‘Win Well’ Gamers Health & Wellness Survey is the largest survey of its kind in the world. It is designed to assess a variety of important wellness factors most pertinent to gamers and streamers and to guide the development of resources, products and/or support which will be most helpful towards promoting gamer health and performance.




Because gaming challenges mind, body, and soul to win well, it’s important to fuel your body with the best nutrition. That’s why Ritual Motion and SNACK have teamed up to bring you new and innovative high-protein Superfood snacks designed to overcome the challenges our gaming community faces such as low energy and poor sleep.

SNACK contains farm-fresh Spirulina and nutrient-dense ingredients meaning it is

  • High in plant-based protein
  • A superfood containing vitamins, minerals, all essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Packed with antioxidants to boost your immune system and reduce inflammation
  • Easy to digest and leaves you feeling fuller, for longer


We have two specially formulated gaming blends:
PowerUp – Ginger & Matcha – Daytime Gamer’s Blend gives you a more mellow, longer-lasting boost thanks to a natural source of caffeine found in Matcha.

PowerDown – Apple & Cherry – Nighttime Gamer’s Blend contains naturally occurring melatonin from cherries that can allow you to slowly relax into the evening as you prepare to reset with a good night’s sleep



When we started Ritual Motion, we made it our mission to listen and understand our community so we could bring you the best products and resources to improve health, happiness, and success while gaming.

Earlier this year, we launched the first-ever gamer’s health survey and recently followed it up with the first gamer’s nutrition survey. Through both surveys, we discovered some very interesting patterns relating to personal energy levels, sleep patterns, and levels of focus while gaming.

Because our goal is to help you “win well”, we teamed up with a group of nutrition professionals to deliver a range of supplements that are specially designed for your gaming needs.



GAMING GLASSES BY FOSTER GRANT® with patented blue light lens coating technology*

Blurred Vision? Dry eyes? Headaches? Thanks to our “Win Well” Gamers Health Survey, we know that many of you experience these symptoms while gaming. It’s time to do something about it and start protecting your eyes and improve your gaming experience.

In an effort to help we’ve turned to Foster Grant®, recognized as a global leader in the eyewear industry, to bring to you a collection of gaming glasses that not only deliver on performance but look great too!

Foster Grant® Gaming Glasses aren’t just everyday eyewear – they are specialized glasses designed for the rigors of high-intensity gaming.

*Covered under U.S. Pat. No. 8,360,574. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending.


Featured Product: ‘ArmorUp’ Warrior Gaming Skins

ArmorUp Against COVID!

For a limited time (while supplies last) and available for immediate shipping – get our limited edition ‘ArmorUp against COVID’ Warrior Gaming Skins! Available in the Warrior 2 style in Black and Red.

Ritual Motion Warrior Gaming Skins deliver structured support to help you avoid injury, enjoy relief from wrist pain and game for longer. Because Happy Hands = More Game Time = More Wins.

Hand-stitched in the USA.

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“Heck yeah! Finally got my gaming gloves! They help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome”


Thank you @ritual_motion for having me as a founding affiliate! I’m so excited to work with a company who’s product believe in.💜


“Big thanks to the @ritual_motion team for the gloves! They’re compression gloves to help blood flow and stop pain from things like carpal tunnel. Definitely needed these after using my hands too much for things like typing and gaming.”


“I wore mine all day for work and didn’t have an issue with wrist pain at least so far this week and past weekend so that does seem very promising to me!”


“I received a pair of Ritual Motion gloves to review from the perspective of a person with disabilities. I have cerebral palsy in my left side which causes me to have pain from gaming for long periods of time…I was able to play Pokemon Sword for over 7 hours the same day I got the game, which is unheard of for me; as I usually only get a few hours of gaming in before I have to stop.”




Check out our all-new Ritual Motion sweatshirts, tees and tanks featuring the signature RM logo and mark!


Designed for maximum support and flexibility so you can have maximum game time.


GAMING GLASSES BY FOSTER GRANT® with patented blue light LENS COATING technology*


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When we started Ritual Motion, we made it our mission to listen and understand our community so we could bring you the best products and resources to improve health, happiness, and success while gaming. 

Earlier this year, we launched the first-ever ‘Win Well’ gamers health survey and the response was incredible. In doing the survey, we came upon some very interesting trends as it relates to personal energy levels, sleep patterns, and weight control. So we thought we would dive deeper into the habits of our community and see if we could help better understand some of the issues that exist.

In working with gaming and healthcare experts we discovered that nutrition and diet lay behind a large number of these issues. Today we’re inviting you to take part in  the Ritual Motion Gamers Nutrition Survey to see what we can do to improve the health of our community even further. Complete our survey and we’ll give you $5 to spend in our shop.

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