We perform our best when we feel good. To make sure gamers in our community can always play in top form, Ritual Motion tests out the latest in eSports gear, technology, and techniques to find gamers the best tools to help extend gameplay, avoid fatigue and stay mentally fresh.


Get in the Skins, Get in the Game!


Ritual Motion Warrior Gaming Skins are the newest staples in gaming gear. Hand-stitched in the USA, they are designed by gamers for gamers and offer ultimate comfort and function. 

Our high-performance compression skins deliver structured support to help you avoid injury, enjoy relief from wrist pain and game for longer.

Because Happy Hands = More Game Time = More Wins.

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What they’re saying

“I received a pair of Ritual Motion gloves to review from the perspective of a person with disabilities. I have cerebral palsy in my left side which causes me to have pain from gaming for long periods of time…I was able to play Pokemon Sword for over 7 hours the same day I got the game, which is unheard of for me; as I usually only get a few hours of gaming in before I have to stop.”


“Been wearing these bad girls all day and I can honestly say I have not taken them off once OTHER than the obvious reasons like the restroom and eating. Comfortable all day at work and just got home to work on some articles and still do not have a reason to take them off!! They are not gloves they are SKINS!”


“OMG, I’m in love with these!! Warrior 2 skins from @ritual_motion You guys NAILED it with these!! #Amazing!! Proud to affiliate and rep this solid product!”


“Got my Ritual Motion Warrior 2 skins on! Gotta say I love the wrist support!”


“I wore mine all day for work and didn’t have an issue with wrist pain at least so far this week and past weekend so that does seem very promising to me!”


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