XP League is an esports league that is modeled after classic youth sports organizations, making it easy for parents and kids to understand our programming.

Through coach and player training—that is custom-tailored by the PCA, Aim Lab, and our program directors—anyone can become a successful coach. Parents with no video game or esports experience will be able to connect with their kids on a level they had never imagined.

We incorporate teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, and positive behaviors into our programs’ DNA and reward a player each week for displaying one of our values. By integrating these values into the core format of our programming, kids see the positive reward as an exciting part of the overall experience.

We provide a professional-level experience that is unmatched by any youth programming. Our players wear the same uniforms as the pros, use the same gear as the pros, and play the same games as the pros. In fact, our training program allows our players to match their progress against their favorite professional players.

Our weekly matches are live-streamed so parents and families can participate in the excitement no matter where they happen to be.

At XP League, it’s all about the Xperience.

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