Join Ritual Motion and industry experts as they explore the Web3 topics with a global perspective.

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About this event

>> WATCH HERE FOR LIVE EVENT: September 8, 2022 <<

Join Ritual Motion for an in-depth virtual conference that explores the intersections between blockchain, gaming, the metaverse and the creator economy. This live conference will be held on the Ritual Motion platform.


Ritual Motion has been leading conversations on topics such as cryptocurrency and gaming, the impact of the metaverse on gamers, and investment trends in the esports and gaming industry. As a natural extension of these conversations, the next Ritual Motion summit will be a deep dive into the intersection of all of these topics featuring expert speakers and panelists throughout the programming.


Attendees will have the ability to join live sessions listed in the agenda below and have the opportunity to chat with panelists and speakers. Attendees will need to have a registered Ritual Motion account to login to the event. All attendees are also invited to join during NETWORKING sessions to visit and chat with speakers and other attendees in a live video setting.