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RM GUILD was founded with an important objective: uniting gamers across the world through live, open discussion on important topics in the gaming industry. Once registered members will have an opportunity to participate in live video sessions with our RM Guild Hosts with the added element of live audience/speaker networking. Sessions will feature topics important to gamers covering topics like health and wellness in gaming, career and industry, esports and professional gaming, and more. To access all live and on-demand content you just need to create an account with an email address and password at the button below!


Upcoming Sessions

On-Demand Content

Writing the Book on Esports

Featuring: William Collis

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

Creating High Quality Content in Gaming

Featuring: Rebecca Dixon, Laura Deutsch, Cristina Amaya

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Success in Esports: A Guide to Influencer Marketing

Featuring: Chris Smith

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Guiding Parents in Esports & Launching C.O.P.E

Featuring: Shae Williams, Chris Spikoski

Hosted by: Monica Miller

The Business of Esports

Featuring: Justin Jacobson

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

An Olympic Athlete’s Journey to the Gaming Chair

Featuring: Anson Henry

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Sponsorship in Gaming & Esports

Featuring: Evan Kubes

Hosted by: Monica Miller

RM GUILD Trivia Night

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Join host Monica Miller for an evening of gaming trivia and the chance to win…

The Business of Raising Capital in Esports

Featuring: Dan Bravato

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Building Online Communities

Featuring: Spiro Khouri

Hosted by: Monica Miller

The Long Road to Monetizing Content

Featuring: Jacqueline Garrett

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

From Pro-Football to Verdansk: My Gaming Journey

Featuring: Alden Darby

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

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