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Ritual Motion was founded in 2018 with a mission to create products and content for the good of gamers. In May 2021, we launched our GUILD: Gamers United in Live Discussion. Ritual Motion’s GUILD features live streaming sessions and interactive community networking for the purpose of content creation, collaboration, and sharing knowledge. On our GUILD channel page, you will find a plethora of content that we have curated for our gaming and esports audiences surrounding important topics like health and wellness, inclusion and diversity, and education.

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Upcoming Sessions

How Epic Games is Supporting Education

Featuring: Steve Isaacs

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Join us as we interview Steven Isaacs, Education Program Manager at Epic Games, to learn…

On-demand Sessions

From Professional Skateboarding to Gaming & Esports

Featuring: John Davidson

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

John Davidson, former professional skateboarder, discusses his journey into gaming and esports.

Maintaining Balance and Positive Health in Esports

Featuring: Dana Paul, Khang Thai, Mahima Sharma

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Join us on a panel where we discuss the importance of maintaining balance and positive…

Strength & Conditioning in Gaming

Featuring: Garrett Perrella

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Join strength and conditioning coach, Garrett Perrella, to learn more about how adding physical fitness…

The Nostalgia Historian

Featuring: Everett Toothaker

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Join Everett Toothaker, gaming enthusiast, to learn more about the origin of our beloved video…

Diversity and Inclusion in Sim Racing

Featuring: Stefy Bau

Hosted by: Liz Murphy

Join Stefy Bau, a 3-time motocross world champion and advocate for inclusivity for women in…

How to Train for an Esport

Hosted by: Allison "Skybilz" Waters

Join MTG Coach and Twitch Partner “Skybilz” for a discussion on how to train for…

The Importance of Accessibility in Gaming

Featuring: Steve Saylor

Hosted by: TheTeeMonster

Join Tee Morris (A.K.A. “Twitch Dad”) and Steve Saylor (A.K.A. “The Blind Gamer”) for a…

SHIVnation: Building More Than a Community

Featuring: ZeroSaru

Hosted by: Monica Miller

The founder of SHIVnation, an online gaming community, discusses the importance of digital camaraderie.

Identifying and Overcoming a Gaming Addiction

Featuring: Cam Adair

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Ritual Motion: Supporting Varsity Esports

Featuring: James Caprarella

Hosted by: Dana Paul

Join Ritual Motion’s CEO, Dana Paul, and varsity director James Caprarella in a discussion about…

Getting a Job in Esports & Gaming as a New Grad

Featuring: Katherine Amoukhteh

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Katherine Amoukhteh, founder of Esports College and Career Pathways, gives advice to new grads on…

How to Get Started with Streaming

Featuring: BBXH

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

Want to stream, but not sure where to start? Join Twitch streamer BBXH to learn…

Where to Focus Your Energy in Content Creation

Featuring: Allison "Skybilz" Waters

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Wondering about what kind of content you should make? Join Twitch partner and GDQ host,…

Fashion and Gaming

Featuring: Tanim

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

Learn more about how fashion design and gaming intersect.

How to Network in Esports and Gaming

Featuring: Zac Tepe

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Want to get involved in esports and gaming as a career, but not sure where…

The Stigma in Esports Education

Featuring: Richard Withers

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Richard Withers, Esports Development Manager at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, expands on the stigma…

The Growth of Scholastic Esports

Featuring: Bubba Gaeddert

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

More educators are turning towards esports for teaching. Join us as we chat with Bubba…

Gamer Nutrition and Wellness

Featuring: BBXH, Sierra Peralta

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Join streamer and bodybuilder BBXH and nutritionist Sierra Peralta to learn more about developing healthy…

When Two Worlds Collide: Archaeology and Video Games

Featuring: Megan Victor

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Creating a historically accurate virtual landscape takes some serious research. Learn more about how archaeologists…

Esports Business and Law

Featuring: Juan Rodriguez, Pablo Velez, Justin Jacobson

Hosted by: Chris Spikoski, Shae Williams

Do you need to worry about taxes as a streamer? Find out this and more…

All About Twitch Dad

Featuring: Tee Morris

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Who is Twitch Dad and what does he do? Find out more in our discussion.

Amuka Esports and Seneca College – Learning and Working in Esports

Featuring: Sara May, Chris Lama, Victoria Taylor

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

Join representatives from Amuka Esports and Seneca College to learn more about working in esports.

Black Gamers Matter

Featuring: Christopher Fryar

Hosted by: Monica Miller

With a focus on inclusivity and educating his community, lifelong gamer and educator, Chris Fryar,…

Calculating Your Worth As a Streamer

Featuring: Shannon Bruce

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

Streamer Shannon Bruce discusses how to understand your value as a content creator.

Playing for Pride 2021: LGBTQ Identity and Gaming

Featuring: Jarrett Lucas, MiaByte, Daramgar

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

LGBTQ representation in gaming is a hot topic. Join our diverse panel to learn more…

What it’s like being an LGBTQ+ Vtuber

Featuring: Patt Nowak

Hosted by: Monica Miller

What’s Vtubing? How do customization options step up for LGBTQ+ gamers? Learn more in a…

Building Your Stream as a Woman…and not letting anyone knock you down

Featuring: Laura Krause

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

Streaming as a woman can be challenging to navigate. Join us in an empowering discussion…

Writing the Book on Esports

Featuring: William Collis

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

Did you know there’s a book on all things esports? Join us as we interview…

Creating High Quality Content in Gaming

Featuring: Rebecca Dixon, Laura Deutsch, Cristina Amaya

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Join us in a round-table discussion with the*gameHERs to learn more about how to boost…

Success in Esports: A Guide to Influencer Marketing

Featuring: Chris Smith

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Join us in a discussion with Chris Smith, Founder and Director of BIG Esports, who…

Guiding Parents in Esports & Launching C.O.P.E

Featuring: Shae Williams, Chris Spikoski

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Parents, ever wanted to know more about your child’s gaming experience? Join us as we…

The Business of Esports

Featuring: Justin Jacobson

Hosted by: Ben Feferman

What is it like behind the scenes in the esports industry? Join us as we…

An Olympic Athlete’s Journey to the Gaming Chair

Featuring: Anson Henry

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Anson Henry, a retired Canadian sprinter and Olympian, discusses his journey from athletics to gaming.

Sponsorship in Gaming & Esports

Featuring: Evan Kubes

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Ever wondered how to gain sponsorships in gaming and esports? Join us as we chat…

RM GUILD Trivia Night

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Join host Monica Miller for an evening of gaming trivia and the chance to win…

The Business of Raising Capital in Esports

Featuring: Dan Bravato

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

It can be challenging to raise capital in the ever-growing esports industry. Join us as…

Building Online Communities

Featuring: Spiro Khouri

Hosted by: Monica Miller

Building online communities takes a lot of time, effort, and understanding of your audience. Join…

The Long Road to Monetizing Content

Featuring: Jacqueline Garrett

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Ever wondered how to monetize your online content? Join us in an interview with Jacqueline…

From Pro-Football to Verdansk: My Gaming Journey

Featuring: Alden Darby

Hosted by: Crystal Mills

Join us as we interview Alden Darby, professional Canadian football player for the Winnipeg Blue…

RM GUILD Launch Event

Featuring: Allison "Skybilz" Waters

Hosted by: Crystal Mills, Ben Feferman, Monica Miller

RM GUILD: Gamers United in Live Discussion launches today! Join us as we celebrate the…