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Make Winning Your Team’s Ritual

Peak Performance

  • If you want to win the game, it’s important to wear the right gear. That starts with your very own, team-branded Gaming Skins.
  • Ritual Motion Gaming Skins offer you maximum support and flexibility for maximum game time, so you can make winning a ritual.
  • But winning isn’t simply about having happy hands and longer gameplay. It’s also about cultivating an unbeatable spirit, and that happens by forging a shared identity.

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Champion Community

  • Creating a shared identity begins with team apparel that can be worn by both players and fans.
  • Thanks to our range of customizable apparel, you can create the perfect looks for your fans to show their support while your players show their team pride.
  • You can choose your team’s uniform and even order at wholesale rates so that you can sell your gear in your own store.

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Raise Money

  • Calling all Ritual Motion teams! Don’t just deck out your community in branded gear – there are more ways to earn and build your brand!
  • We know how hard you work to fundraise for your team and we’ve made it easy to sell your apparel online and make $$$.
  • Simply register to become a Team Affiliate, and you can start selling online and on-demand today.

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Sponsorship support

We support and encourage our community of Varsity gaming teams to be the best they can be and offer sponsorships of all kinds to help you look the part, play your best, and thrive in your league. We would love to hear from you! Let us know why you would like Ritual Motion’s support and how you think we can help your team by applying below.

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