Varsity Votes Gaming Skins


Get Your Vote On! Every election year in the U.S. is incredibly important, but with the weight of COVID-19 bearing down on everyone and the recent social unrest, the election this year feels to have taken on even greater significance. Let your vote be your voice – but a pair of RM Varisty Votes skins wouldn’t hurt either!

Warrior 1 Gaming Skins are handmade with flex-stitching to follow the contours of your hands. Their fingerless, lightweight design provides flexibility, stabilization, and a full range of motion. They act like a second skin, so you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing them!

Warrior 2 Gaming Skins offer extra wrist support for extended gaming. Featuring built-in wrist straps Warrior 2’s allow you to adjust the compression around your wrists for maximum comfort and support.

Handmade in the USA. Ships in 10 business days.


Product description

Manufactured in the USA
Each pair of our Warrior Gaming Skins is individually printed and hand-stitched right here in the USA.

The moisture-wicking compression fabric increases blood flow, reduces muscle fatigue, and boosts your overall performance.

Happy Hands = More Game Time = More Wins. What could be better than that?

Small/Youth: Height below 5’4″ tall or ring finger size below 8
Medium/Large: Height between 5’5″ and 6’3” or ring finger size up to 13
X-Large: Height over 6’4” or ring finger size 14 and up


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