Introducing Ritual Motion

A Health & Wellness Lifestyle Brand for Gamers

Ritual Motion is the first lifestyle brand in the industry focused on the health and wellness of gamers and the esports community. Established in 2019, the brand has enjoyed rapid growth in one of the most vibrant and dynamic emerging global industries.

Rooted in a foundation of equality and inclusion, Ritual Motion combines its role as a community-driven resource for gamer health and wellness with its commitment to connect brands, manufacturers, publishers, and nonprofit organizations to a highly sought after, engaged and motivated audience.

Brand Pillars

  • Support & Educate
  • Engage & Entertain
  • Grow & Promote
  • Give Back
  • Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Serving a Vibrant Industry

Esports & Gaming Market is Experiencing Explosive Growth

Total Audience and Market Size

  • 2.5 Billion gamers worldwide
  • 900 million playing/ watching esports
  • Global gaming industry worth $159.9 billion by the end of 2020

Gamer Activity & Engagement:

  • 60% of Americans play video games daily
  • The average gamer plays for c. 13 hours per week
  • 42% of gamers play online with friends
  • 18-25 year-olds spend more time watching gaming content than traditional sports

“Gaming & esports likely hold the key to connecting to the next generation of consumers.”Medium, April 2020

Sources: Business Insider Intelligence, 2019; HootSuite 2020; SuperData 2019; Activate Consulting 2019


Access Our Engaged & Motivated Audience

Brand Demographics

  • 50% Female/ 50% Male
  • 70% are between 18-34 Years Old

Projected Audience Reach in 2020:

  • Social Reach: 6.6 Million+
  • Site Visits: 165,000+

Detailed Traffic Breakdown:

  • Social Reach: 617,674 per Month
  • Social Engagements: 26,147 per Month
  • Opt-In Email Subscribers: 13,000
  • 20% M-O-M Growth


Source: Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager


Ritual Motion Offers Brand Partners Turn-Key and Custom Packages

Branded Video Content

RMTV integration with pre-roll, billboard, and custom creative

Social Media & Streaming

15-20 posts weekly across FB, Twitter, Instagram (50+ hours of RM content; 180+ hours of streamed partner content)

Website offers partners multiple units and custom integrations within our expert health

E-Mail Marketing

Brand integration to a highly responsive opt-in list of 13,000+

Events Sponsorship

Our calendar of tournaments and Social Impact Activations (Playing for Pride, Varsity Votes)


Deeper Brand Activations within the Ritual Motion Community

Opportunities to include materials in e-commerce packaging, creation of custom, branded skins, and accessories

Content Syndication
Opportunity available to syndicate Ritual Motion content as well as sponsor content that is syndicated to other platforms (Apple News, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)

Custom Studies & Surveys
Creation of custom third-party gamer studies and integration in one of our annual surveys.

Custom Content Creation
Partner with the team at Ritual Motion to create custom messaging and content that will resonate with our community and support your brand

Varsity Activation
Sponsorship activations available with teams ranging from middle school through the university level.


Ritual Motion offers a high-impact billboard in multiple sizes. These ads are included across all of our content pages, blog pages, and landing pages. Ad tracking via Google Analytics.

Ad Size Options:

Artwork Requirements:

Artwork should be sent in one of the following formats:

Artwork should be sent to: with the subject including advertiser name and agreed publications dates


We believe there is more to gaming and esports than just the game itself. Let us introduce you to our community and help us to promote the positive values of health and wellness within them. Are you game?

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