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Founded in 2021, Team iQ has pushed and elevated esports with a sustainable foundation approach in achieving higher learning. Our success is rooted in the ability to be multi-dimensional in all aspects of life. As iQ gauges the future, our commitment to excellence will drive our continued dominance across elite gaming as we attract top talent and strategic partnerships.

To be part of the iQ family means to have the autonomy to navigate uncharted territories. We promote and empower members to explore in an array of opportunities to help them gain the skills needed to take it to another level. With a support system like ours we help guide and mentor future leaders in the gaming community.

We believe everyone is unique in their own way and know talent comes in a variety of forms. As an organization we want to bring a collection of high believers to achieve big aspiration goals. We are centered in an equitable belief system that empowers all to generate the next leaders in the space for all gamers.

Our Industry impact will determine of how we do as a collection. Be part of an organization that is looking to become legendary in the industry. We look to set new trends that will build a long running legacy. What we do now will prepare us for the future to take on any challenges that come our way.

We are not afraid to push to the next level. We make strategic decisions that help us all drive to victory. We believe that preparation and training is key to any success to an organization ability to gain prestige. We are committed to our fans and sponsors who expect to see a level of excellence that we can bring.

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