Game Dreaming

Game Dreaming

by: Oscar-sensei

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Meet the Artist


What's the story behind the design?
As a kid, I remember playing Donkey Kong Country on my father's purple Game Boy Colour. Those memories and the idea of bringing to life what's on the screen inspired me for the design. And maybe also the fact that I enjoy drawing characters a lot...

What's your favorite game?
Super Smash Bros Ultimate (pit main :). Also, love Bravely Default

Why do you love gaming?
Gaming has always been part of my life, and even if I don't always have a lot of time to play like I used to do when I was younger, I still enjoy destroying my friends with Jigglypuff in Ultimate.

Why do you dig Ritual Motion?
They honestly came out of nowhere, but now I know it's a place I can rely on to grow as an artist and to support the gaming community I belong to.

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