Our Story

Ritual Motion was originally formed in 2019 with the mission to develop content, products, services and experiences for the rapidly expanding gamer community. Since launching, the brand has reached tens of millions across its website, media promotions, social platforms, events and campaigns. With its latest offering the company will now focus on building a robust create-to-earn, view-to-earn ecosystem to support the ever growing creator economy.


Our Create-to-Earn Vision

Ritual Motion holds a unique market position.  We sit at the intersection of community, the creator economy and the emergence of Web 3.0.

Our vision is for Ritual Motion to become the preferred create-to-earn, view-to-earn platform where creators and viewers will build wealth in a decentralized and tokenized economy.

Cryptocurrency Has Evolved

There has been a true paradigm shift unfolding in the last several decades with the introduction of cryptocurrency enabled by blockchain technology. 

The tokenization of business is fueling the ability to create new economies, and we believe Ritual Motion is perfectly positioned to enter this world.

The Problem

The advancement of the create-to-earn economy is limited by centralized incumbents in big tech, finance and governments.  

The Opportunity

There is currently no “creator economy” platform that has deployed a utility token and fully sustainable strategy allowing its users to transact and build long-term wealth.

The Solution

The world’s first tokenized Web 3.0 Create-to-Earn & View-to-Earn Utility Platform.



Ritual Motion Creator Platform

Ritual Motion is a live video community platform that allows users to create, collaborate and share content through a hyper-engaged, live-stream experience.

Brand Engagement & Reach

  •  270 M Total Media Exposure
  •  23.5 M Facebook Reach
  •  1.7 M Email Newsletters
  •  1.25 M Pageviews To-Date
  •  1M Organic Twitter Reach

Recent Growth

  •  Launched Q3 2021
  •  Over 500,000 minutes of video
  •  170% VOD increase (week/week)
  •  2,800+ Registered Member
  •  350+ Live Streamed Sessions
  •  30+ Channel & Industry Members

Current Product Features

Ritual Motion incorporates the best components of Twitch, Discord, Ted Talks, and Clubhouse and offers a new, alternative platform.

Creators have complete control of the content creation experience and have the opportunity to monetize content immediately.

Audience members have the opportunity to hyper-engage with their favorite creators through chat, DM, polls, Q&A and an incredible face-to-face networking experience.

Our Vision

We are building the world’s first create and view-to-earn web3 platform where creators and viewers will build wealth in a decentralized and tokenized economy.

Everything created within Ritual Motion’s livestream platform is a Smart-Contract NFT object owned by the Creator (80%) & the Ritual Motion Foundation (20%).

The Perfect Market Fit

Ritual Motion sits at the intersection of Community, The Creator Economy and Web 3.0, making it the perfect market fit to enter this world with a revolutionary ecosystem.

Community:  Ritual Motion has a proven track record of attracting and engaging vibrant communities.

The Creator Economy:  Creators and viewers will build wealth in our decentralized and tokenized economy.

Web 3.0: Ritual Motion is built for the future of the web.  A creator-driven, deflationary and tokenized economy.

Pillars of our Economy

Pillars of our Create-to-Earn Tokenized Economy

Deflationary: Max Token Supply, Burn % of Fees, Creator Stake Pools, Emission Halving

Decentralized: Transition to DOA over 24 months, 61% tokens to public Sale & Community

High Efficiency: POS Blockchain, High TPS efficiency, Low Fees, Carbon Neutral Token & NFTs

Circular: Creators, Viewers & Investors earn $RMT (Ritual Motion Token), Stake $RMT, build wealth

$RMT Token Economy

Viewers: Fans can leverage View-to-Earn and build wealth by owning creator NFTs and staking $RMT tokens with their favorite creators.

Investors: Innovative platform components allow income to be generated from Web3 as well as traditional advertising. Percentage of funds go to treasury.

Creators: Creators generate wealth and are empowered via Create-To-Earn Ownership of their content, becoming Stake Pool operators, creating virtual goods such as NFTs and the ability to Hyper engage with their followers.

RMG Platform: Innovative platform components allow income to be generated from Web3 as well as traditional advertising. Percentage of funds go to treasury.

Foundry/Treasury: The foundation and treasure drives future innovation and value for the owners of the $RMT token. Decentralized decision making on selected key issues are made by all $RMT owners. Owners can vote by locking up a minimum number of tokens for 1 session period.

Creators Value Proposition

Earn a living, build wealth by helping grow the Ritual Motion community to earn $RMT Tokens:

  •  Create & Own Content to Earn $RMT  
  •  Achieve Milestones & Refer to Earn 
  •  Operate Creator Stake Pools
  •  Earn from Viewer Staking, Crypto Subs &
  •  Tipping
  •  Mint & Sell Rare NFT’s
  •  Share Advertising Revenue & Royalties

Viewers Value Proposition

Earn a living and build wealth by helping grow the Ritual Motion community to earn $RMT Tokens:

  •  Watch Videos & Earn  
  •  Achieve Milestones & Earn 
  •  Refer & Earn 
  •  Stake Creators
  •  Buy & Resell Rare NFTs
  •  Collect Royalties

Investors Value Proposition

Build wealth by investing in $RMT  Tokens, NFTs and specialized staking opportunities:

  •  Buy and Sell $RMT
  •  Stake Creators
  •  Buy & Resell Rare NFTs

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Our intention for the Ritual Motion tokenized economy will be to incorporate the following ESG elements:

  •  Carbon Neutral POS Blockchain
  •  NFTs/Transactions are ECO Friendly
  •  DAO Governance Roadmap
  •  $RMT Owners Vote on Decisions


Ritual Motion Metaverse Studio

Ritual Motion Metaverse Studios will be our 3D virtual world where creators own virtual studios and interacts via virtual and augmented reality.

Viewers can purchase tours of our studios, attend recording and participate as they do in real life.

The $RMT Ecosystem

The release of the Ritual Motion Token and subsequent IDO launch will usher in Ritual Motion’s plans to build a revolutionary Web 3.0 ecosystem featuring the Ritual Motion livestream platform operating as a create-to-earn and view-to-earn tokenized economy.


Ritual Motion Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Through $RMT, Ritual Motion will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization where creators make key decisions.

  • DAO Phase I – 2023 Q2
  • DAO Phase II – 2023 Q3

Ritual Motion Roadmap

Over the course of the coming months Ritual Motion intends to move aggressively to launch, yet take the time necessary to instill best practices and protocols to construct a robust economy, which will be owned by the community and give users the potential to build wealth in a fair, equitable and sustainable manner.

Our Team

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