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GUILD offers a space to create live sessions with audience members — Without the need for complicated third-party tools.

Ritual Motion GUILD is optimized to grow your community. Whether you’re an industry expert, educator, or just wanting to chat, GUILD is set up to handle it all.

GUILD tools accelerate your content creation

Quick & easy live streaming.

Live or RTMP feed without additional streaming software.


Easiest monetization for all creators. 

Earn all the profits from tips and subscriptions during live sessions and on-demand replays.

Build your brand.

Upload, create, distribute all in one place with unlimited hours of storage.


24/7 on-demand content.

Easy access on-demand videos once you finish streaming.

Direct community engagement.

Networking sessions allow you to connect with your audience in real-time.


Authentic audience interaction.

Bring your audience together with live chat and polls. Allow listeners to join you on stage.

Launch faster with Channel Partner Exclusives

Access to Ritual Motion Email and Social Promotions
Partnership announcements and session promotions to all of GUILD users.

Training and Support
1-on-1 onboarding to familiarize your team. Initial mod support for seamless engagement.

Channel Customization
Custom design and unique url for quick brand recognition.

Enhanced Audience Analytics
Measure your performance of your sessions and channel including RSVP tracking.

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