XP League, an esports league that is modeled after classic youth sports organizations, has been bridging the gap between esports and parents. The company utilizes coach and player training “custom-tailored by the PCA, Aim Lab,” and program directors to help anyone become a coach. Now, XP League is partnering with Ritual Motion to roll out the first customized training and coaching app for esports athletes, players, and parents.

The app will wrap up all communication into one, easy-to-use platform by allowing users to schedule practices, upload training plans, and deliver messages to players and groups.

“As we continue to grow, we’re looking for new ways to streamline how our coaches communicate with players and parents, as well as how our players learn from one another,” said Jay Melamed, Co-founder of XP League. “Our partnership with Ritual Motion will allow us to quickly upskill and train our players, while providing them with the opportunity to pull content on demand. We’re excited to launch our app and look forward to XP League players growing their skillsets as a result.”

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In addition to streamlining communication and training for XP League, Ritual Motion will help populate the app with content that focuses on increasing the health and wellness of players. Developed on a weekly basis, the content will include articles ranging from tips about how to prevent esports injuries to different techniques to maintain focus.

“Ritual Motion is looking forward to partnering with XP League to bring this valuable training and communication tool to market,” stated Dana Paul, Co-founder and CEO of Ritual Motion. “This opportunity provides a new extension for the Ritual Motion brand and offers coaches, student players and parents access to actionable health, wellness and education content related to gaming and esports.”