XP League (XPL), the youth esports league modeled after traditional little league sports, announced the signing of its first international franchise agreement in Canada. Seasoned entrepreneur Kevin Sterling will be driving the brand’s expansion in Ottawa. First launched in September 2020, XP League has grown to 18 territories in 11 states across the United States.

“We’re excited to launch our brand in Canada and start our international expansion,” said Jay Melamed, Co-founder of XP League. “We have aggressive plans to make XP League an international juggernaut in the esports industry and will look to continue our expansion through franchising. Beyond our attractive franchise model, XP League is a rewarding experience for parents and children and teaches inclusivity, friendship, team building and competitive spirit. We’re honored to have enjoyed a successful quarter and are grateful to have Kevin join our growing XPL family.”

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The brand is determined to tap into the growing esports market, which is expected to rise to nearly $1.6 billion in revenue in 2023. The league will allow entrepreneurs to “ramp up quickly through the brand’s ‘League in a Box’ business model.” Each franchisee will have a kit that includes league support, team logos, exclusive coaching and partnerships, and branded gear. The model is ideal for entrepreneurs “new to franchising, as well as veteran operators.” XP League’s simplistic operations will allow franchisees to open additional territories and “saturate a market much quicker than other industries.”

“Esports has been gaining traction over the last decade and the current pandemic has only added fuel to the fire for this growing industry,” added Melamed. “XPL is easy-to-run and nomadic, so a local civic center or empty office or retail space can quickly become an esports hub. There is vast white space available for entrepreneurs interested in monetizing a career in esports.”

Franchise opportunities are available in multiple domestic and international locations. Interested? Check out XP League for more information.