In 2019, the British Esports Association announced its Women in Esports initiative to promote inclusivity and diversity in the esports industry. Since then, Women in Esports has helped increase female participation in the industry. Now, it has announced a partnership with UK esports organization Rix.GG to host a women’s Valorant tournament. 

The Huntress Trials will take place on January 30 and 31 on the British Esports Twitch channel. The open tournament has been developed specifically for “openly femme identifying or non-binary individuals, including but not limited to biological female, transgender women, openly femme-identifying, femme-presenting, or femme adjacent non-binary people.” 

Up to 16 teams from across the UK and the EU will compete in a 5v5 double-elimination format. Winners will advance to the next round until they reach the grand final, where two finalists will participate in a BO3 series. Teams will be competing for a £2,000 prize pool. 

First place: £1,000

Second place: £750

Third place: £250

Morgan Ashurst, Marketing Manager at British Esports, commented in a press release: “Since launching the Women in Esports initiative in November 2019, it has been one of our main aims to play a part in increasing female participation in esports. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Rix.GG to host The Huntress Trials, to not only provide opportunities to females within the industry but to showcase talent!” 

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Jordan Dakin-White, Head of PR and Content at Rix.GG, added: “We are deeply committed to growing the grassroots esports scene here in the UK, which is why we are so excited to announce this tournament partnership with Women in Esports! We hope this event is the first stepping stone to make esports more diverse, inclusive, and female-friendly in the UK and EU.” 

Interested teams can register here