The Metaverse is claimed to be the future of online connectivity, but what exactly does that mean?

What is the Metaverse? The buzzword has begun sweeping the internet as companies and developers gear up to create their own “OASIS” in the gaming universe. While titles like Fortnite have already created a modern foundation of the metaverse, developers are looking to explore the idea in a deeper way. The idea of creating value in a digital space, whether through in-game currency that also carries wealth outside of the game, or through crypto and NFT collectibles, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

In Power Level, hosts Alex Hutchi, Rebecca Dixon, and Crystal Mills dove into gaming and the metaverse. What current games are already functioning metaverses? How will it look in the future? With pop culture comparisons such as The Matrix, Ready Player One, and even Sword Art Online, the imagination circulating the idea of multiple metaverses is massive. The vision of what it could look like varies depending on who you ask, but Power Level explores the possibilities: New, immersive worlds, AR-centric tasks that blend online and offline, how in-game currencies can offer value in different universes, and how ultimately it’s all about our social needs.

Will the metaverse look similar to Ready Player One’s OASIS or will we find ourselves jumping from one social experience to another? Some believe virtual reality will open the door to a true metaverse-like experience, but will our imaginations go beyond what our tech can currently deliver? Some believe it’s the next major fad, but companies such as Facebook are already taking steps toward becoming the ultimate “masters” of the virtual universe.

What are your thoughts of the metaverse and how will gaming change the way we live and interact with others?



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