Sometimes it’s hard for gamers to pay attention to what we’re eating. With food and beverage brand logos everywhere, from ad campaigns to C9’s jersey, there’s no doubt we’re thinking about food and beverages a lot. We may notice our waistlines expanding after munching on Doritos for a few days and seek healthier alternatives to shed the weight, but few products are found sponsoring any teams or players.

Cloud9 Red Bull Jersey, courtesy of Esports Insider, 2018.

Many companies and players in the esports industry rely on sponsorships and partnerships to generate revenue. Most commonly, they are funded by sponsors via product and logo placement. With esports and gaming facing exponential growth each year, it’s no question a lot of companies are looking to partner up and get noticed.

This sort of business arrangement is anything but new. It follows the formula of major sports organizations like the NFL and NASCAR who strategically place branding on their players, gear and facilities. 

Food and beverage companies quite literally take the cake for having the most prominent sponsorships in the esports industry (and probably many others) overall. Logos for products like Red Bull, Monster, and Doritos follow gamers around at every turn. However, there are not many health and wellness brands among some of the top food and beverage sponsors in the esports or gaming industries.

Major partners like Red Bull take the industry by storm, sponsoring dozens of major professional teams and high profile players like Faker. However, studies show that prolonged consumption of their products can have negative consequences on our health. 

Health and wellness experts recognize these side effects and are hitting the market with new, healthy alternatives to these traditionally carb and sugar-filled products. 

Companies like NutriGMR are pioneering the production of healthier and more natural products to sustain gamers’ energy. They also provide community resources on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

At NutriGMR, a team of passionate scientists, gamers, and entrepreneurs released a new energy drink that boasts sustained energy with no crash or withdrawal. With their unique supplement mixes, NutriGMR has identified the need for a healthy, energy-boosting alternative to traditional energy drink products.

Gamer health and wellness is an emerging niche within the industry, and one of the core pillars at Ritual Motion. In recent years, there has been an uptick in the amount of professional gamers who have started taking physical health seriously. Many have personal trainers and regular access to physical training centers. This has even trickled down to the collegiate level.

Collegiate esports teams like Ohio Northern University (ONU) are taking the health and wellness of their gamers seriously. Troy Chiefari, head coach of esports at ONU, has been working diligently on creating a well-rounded esports program that includes access to athletic trainers, weekly team workout plans, and a unique food and beverage sponsor dedicated to healthy and affordable eats, FitFresh

Health and wellness in the gaming and esports industries is a growing need. With our screen time up and our movement down as a result of lockdown restrictions this past year, these up and coming companies and individuals (of which there are many more), are spearheading significant changes to come within the industry.

A healthy body helps us live longer, and that means more time to game.