Ritual Motion has been a fierce advocate of positive health and wellness in gaming and esports since the beginning. Now, we’re hosting the first ever Ritual Motion Health and Wellness Summit! This November we’ll be live on GUILD to discuss everything you need to know to keep you on top of your health while staying on top of the leaderboards. 

How does your diet influence your gameplay? How do the top streamers deal with issues like anxiety and burnout? How should you be exercising to maintain top form both in and out of the game? Why should you abandon the grind mentality?

The three hour event will feature panels diving into subjects surrounding mental and physical health, including sessions hosting health experts such as Dr. Jordan Tsai (Respawn Therapy), Dr. Drew Schwartz (For The Wellness), Licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Sharmander, and more. 

In addition, the summit will jump into balancing health with competitive gaming and content creation. Panelists include Renée, BBXH, Alex Matthysse (CTRL), Josh Otero (NutriGMR), and more!

More information will be launched soon, but until then make sure you’re following Ritual Motion on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and don’t forget to sign up for GUILD!