Gaming Influencers need to get their act together. I need you to know my brain is thinking another word, but I’m typing “act” because this is my second article on Ritual Motion and, while I’m not 100% positive, I’m like 99.9% sure no-no words aren’t allowed.

Before we dive deeper into this statement, I’m going to need you all to allow me to get a little fellow kidsy for a few minutes. Well, maybe less “fellow kids” and more of a digital “get off my lawn” kind of thing, but either way, I’m about to sound like a grumpy old gamer dude, and I need you to cut me some slack.

Now let me repeat myself. More than a few modern gaming industry influencers need to get their acts together. How is it that in a day and age where we ALL agree that video games and the gamer culture are finally rising to the top of the pop culture food chain, we still have so many “important” people in the industry doing so many stupid things?

In our latest example of influencers gone wrong, we witnessed FaZe Banks engaging in a Covid super spreader event and partying like people aren’t dying from this deadly disease. I’ll never, NEVER be the person who tells someone that waving wads of cash above buckets of champagne is both immature and idiotic, but can you please not do it in the middle of a global crisis? All while you feign concern on social media.

Dear influencers, you have a responsibility to be better. Dumb antics, racist actions, sexist remarks, and the like are utterly unacceptable in everyday life, but they’re even more inappropriate for you. As the world of gaming continues to grow even further into the mainstream public eye, you will have generations of young adults and kids looking up to you. They’ll look to emulate your every quirk, move, and action. They’ll dream about what it’s like to BE you. My 10-year-old son sits in our game room, playing Fortnite, and pretending to be Dan TDM. That’s the reality of your celebrity. So be a better example for them.

I know people are going to say, “Well, they’re just humans who happen to be in the public eye; it’s not their responsibility to be a role model,” and to that, I call major bullcrap.
Influencers seek the attention. They WANT to be famous. It’s the reason I did radio for so long because I WANTED people to know who I was. Along with that came the knowledge that my actions, words, and life would be under more scrutiny than an average person.

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I think Erin Ashley Simon, one of my favorite influencers out there right now, said it best:

All eyes are turning towards Gaming influencers, and they have to be aware of the impact they’re going to have on people. Be positive instead of negative, be kind instead of toxic, and, most importantly, probably don’t show kids it’s ok to go out during a global pandemic and be so selfish and reckless.

If you don’t want to be a role model, my dear influencer, find a different path. However, as long as you’re in front of a camera, you have a responsibility to the people who made you what you are to be someone they should be able to look up to, and if you don’t live up to that responsibility, then you have failed.

Be better.