Unity. Similarity. Fellowship. Cohesion. Solidarity. Identity. Camaraderie. Excellence.

In whatever form you see them—be that for Olympic athletes, mail carriers, doctors, or your favorite esports teams—uniforms present a sense of all these words. And these words, and the feelings they provoke, do a lot of good for teams in a whole variety of ways, from the psychological effect on team members to the branding and economic opportunities to build a fan base and excitement around your team.

Psychological significance

The psychological importance cannot be downplayed. For those wearing uniforms, they feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. They have others who are in it with them, and they’re in it to do their part with their teammates. If one person loses, they all lose. If one person wins, they all win. So, there’s a strong sense of connection, fidelity, and just as important: equality. Uniforms level the playing field. Teammates of course have different roles to play and shoes to fill within the team and during the game, but in uniform, those roles are all equal. No one team member is more important than another, and they are all crucial parts of the whole.

Uniforms also give the team identity. The team largely becomes associated with their colors, mascot, and the logo on their jersey. They can be easily identified as a group. But the players also have an identity of their own—their numbers—which means each team member can be appreciated for what they bring individually, but within the context of the whole team, they represent. On a practical level, it also allows spectators to easily identify one team from the next and one player from the next. Uniforms keep things uncomplicated.

Building a fan base and fostering fan pride

It’s not just the team members that feel a sense of connection and pride when teams wear uniforms, though. Spectators also feel that. For them, the uniforms create a sense of trust—a trust that the team knows what they’re doing, that they’re working together, that they have each other’s back, and by default, that they have your back as the spectator, too. They’re working together to win for you. And so you want to be a part of it. You want to show your support. You want to share in that team spirit and show your pride—you become a fan.

Economic opportunity

Well, how do those fans show their spirit and pride? By wearing the team colors, paraphernalia, branded apparel, and—yes—“fan versions” of the team’s uniforms. As you know, all of that paraphernalia and apparel brings in lots of money. And if your team does well? Then, you sell even more merchandise, which further builds your fan base and brand at large, which brings in more money for your team, which allows you to keep bringing your team more opportunities and making them better and better.


What all of this builds up to is Branding with a capital B. Branding is really about storytelling, and uniforms allow you to tell your team’s story and let fans tell the story, too. They help people invest—emotionally and literally—in the team’s growth and success. They create shared experiences and mutual enthusiasm, and they significantly boost morale. And the branding boost that comes from all that, in turn, helps elevate your team’s visibility and get more people interested in the sport.

In a nutshell, uniforms provide everyone involved with something to get behind and fight for—together. What team doesn’t want that?

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What are your favorite team uniforms in Esports?