The holiday season is here and for gamers it means it’s time to jump into some fun in-game holiday events! Here are five games offering something extra special for the winter holiday. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The winter season is here in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Nook’s Cranny has been selling toys since December 1, and the Able Sisters shop has also offered festive outfits, but players can join the holiday celebrations with Toy Day on December 24. On Toy Day you’ll have the chance to help Jingle, a holiday reindeer, deliver presents to your villagers. 

Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight’s Season of Giving is offering players a full advent calendar filled with rewards to claim. Just log in each day to grab them! Rewards are a mix of in-game currency that add up to 1 million Bloodpoints, 4,500 Iridescent Shards, and 60 Rift Fragments. Login rewards will be available until January 6. In addition, the Bone Chill event will let you break out the ugly sweaters and interact with some scary looking snowmen in the Entity’s realm. Festive rewards can be earned here until December 23.

Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE is introducing a winter update that will deliver some new challenges and free rewards. With a fresh coating of snow in the arena, players can enjoy different holiday outfits for both themselves and their Pokémon while they participate in a snowball fight. In addition, Dragonite is joining the roster lineup! The Pokémon UNITE holiday event is available today.

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Sea of Thieves: Festival of Giving

Sea of Thieves is introducing its holiday event again this year, and players can take advantage of the loot available. In the event, players can earn Wreath of Winter items as well as gold and Seasonal Renown by having other crews hand in your loot to the Trading Companies on your behalf. There’s also a free Festival of Giving Event Flag that can be claimed by talking to Larinna during the Festival.

VALORANT: Snowfall Bundle and Snowball Fight

VALORANT might cater more toward the competitive crowd, but there’s nothing wrong in adding some winter cheer. Last year, Riot introduced Snowball Fight, a snowy take on the game’s team deathmatch format. Players maneuver around familiar maps fully decorated for Christmas equipped with snowball launchers. Once the game starts, players will jump into a race to be the first to obtain 50 kills. Power ups include boosts that help with rate of fire and snowball size. This year, the mode is back until January 11! In addition, players can get their hands on the new Snowfall bundle in the store.