Team Liquid is no stranger to epic partnerships, particularly when it comes to the organization’s apparel collections. Its partnership with Marvel Entertainment is one of the largest apparel deals in esports, and now, the organization is continuing its ability to push through the esports bubble by releasing a new line of Naruto Shippuden apparel.

The apparel line is expected to release Feb. 12 at 12 PST, according to an announcement video posted on Twitter.

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“With both brands celebrating our respective 20th anniversaries, this is the perfect time to team up,” VIZ Media Sr. Licensing Manager Alexander Lee told The Esports Observer. “Anime and esports fashion is constantly evolving and we are ecstatic to be an integral part of this unique collaboration.”

The new deal with VIZ Media exists alongside Team Liquid’s partnership with Marvel Entertainment, which was recently extended to 2022.

In an industry that is now heavily influenced by streetwear culture, Team Liquid continues to push barriers and help propel gaming and esports into a mainstream space. Will you be checking out the new collection?