RM GUILD (Gamers United in Live Discussion) has carved a huge path toward a new way to collaborate and share content in a live setting. Our Kick Off Party highlighted our Ritual Motion Hosts, a few of our amazing affiliates, and main speaker Allison “Skybilz” Waters, who talked about her introduction to trading card games and how she began competing in Magic the Gathering

To her, it wasn’t just about playing games, it was about creating content and making a difference in the industry. For someone who was juggling work and also managed to earn multiple degrees in English, Sky understands how it feels to prioritize obligations while chasing her dreams. She began streaming and speedrunning in 2013 before also hosting for Games Done Quick in 2015. Now, as a Twitch partner, she has cultivated an incredible community of gamers. 

However, it’s important to remember the “human” parts of streaming. 

“There will be times you will doubt yourself,” Skybilz stated. “You’ll look at your numbers and sometimes they’ll be really up and sometimes they’ll be really down, and there’s going to be a lot of doubt. That is perfectly human… that’s why it’s important to have another gig on the side.”

She committed herself to becoming a leader in the community and was the first of 15 to join Twitch’s Ambassador program. It wasn’t about having a massive following. It was about creating genuine content and connecting with others. 

She continued, “You didn’t have to be the biggest streamer to be in the ambassador program. You have to be a professional who is a leader that kind of guides the way for other folks. It just goes to show you that even if you don’t get 1000 concurrent viewers overnight, you can still make a big impact in the community. A good attitude, perseverance… it goes a super long way.”

In 2019, she competed in the MTG Arena Mythic Invitational in Boston, MA, where she almost obtained a top 16 finish. It was then when she realized that she wanted to help inspire other women in the industry. 

“There’s all these women in the crowd—not so much the men—all these women were so excited for me,” Skybilz said as she described her miraculous win that nearly pushed her into the top 16 in Boston. “I was like ‘I know what I want to do with my life now. I want to inspire other women in esports.’” 

Skybilz has become an incredible role model in the esports industry and currently plays for OXG Esports in addition to being a showrunner for Games Done Quick.

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