Next month is Pride Month. A time when LGBTQ individuals and allies from across the globe celebrate their community and come together to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality for LGBTQ people everywhere. This year, because of COVID-19, most Pride Parades and public celebrations have been canceled and people will be forced to celebrate from the safety of their homes.

Ritual Motion and Stonewall Community Foundation are joining forces to honor LGBTQ members of the gaming community to stage what will hopefully be the largest annual digital Pride gaming tournament of its kind, ‘Playing for Pride’.

Founded 30 years ago amid the AIDS crisis, Stonewall Community Foundation is an iconic public grant-making institution by, and for the LGBTQ community. Stonewall Community Foundation uplifts the LGBTQ community by mobilizing resources to invest in dynamic nonprofits, projects, and people, through grantmaking, capacity building, and scholarship provision. Since their inception in 1990, they have made grants to LGBTQ organizations totaling over $20 million. Get more info at or donate to the Foundation here:

The tournament will be held on the weekend of June 20th and 21st and will center around Super Smash Bros and a prize pot of $1,500. The proceeds from donations will go to the Stonewall Community Foundation and their partner organizations to support the broader LGBTQ community.

But Pride wouldn’t be Pride without fabulous attire in every color you can imagine so, Ritual Motion is launching two special edition Gaming Skins specifically for the event. 15% of every sale of the special edition skin will go to the Stonewall Community Foundation and their associated organizations.

The Pride Gaming Skins come in two designs; Pride in Motion and Transform in Motion. They provide the support you need for a long weekend of play—and in the colors you need for the celebration.

We hope you’ll join us for the tournament and show your support to our incredible community of LGBTQ gamers. Watch out for more announcements in the coming weeks as we look forward to Playing with PRIDE while you’re playing for PRIDE. Join the event on our Twitch Channel

Get your ‘Playing for Pride’ gear!