Today Ritual Motion announced the launch of its equity crowdfunding campaign through StartEngine. The company was formed in 2018 with the mission to develop content, products and experiences for the good of gamers and is now setting its sights on expanding its new platform, Ritual Motion GUILD (Gamers United In Live Discussion), where community members create, collaborate and share through an innovative live and on-demand video experience. StartEngine is a leading equity crowdfunding platform in the U.S., where anyone can find and invest in startups like Ritual Motion. 

“Since Ritual Motion’s launch in 2018, we’ve developed a strong presence in the gaming and esports industry by harnessing the positive power of the community and creating products, services, and content for the good of gamers,” said Dana Paul, CEO and co-founder of Ritual Motion. “With the launch of our StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign, we’re inviting our community to be part of this special step in our company’s evolution.”

With the next phase of Ritual Motion GUILD planned for launch later this year, the community will have the chance to host their own live-video sessions through a suite of tools featuring live video streaming, live networking and free on-demand content. On its roadmap for the future, Ritual Motion intends to incorporate the ability to offer cryptocurrency transactions and immediate payment to all hosts, with no subscriber minimums. 

By opening new avenues of content creation to gamers, Ritual Motion hopes that more creators in the space will be able to talk about their experiences “on stage” and create unique content that can’t be found on other platforms. In addition, creators will have the opportunity to directly connect with their audiences through a live-video networking hub. Channels will also house all previously live content in an on-demand format.

“Gaming and esports are ultimately parts of an entertainment industry that is almost entirely powered by its community,” says Crystal Mills, VP of Content at Ritual Motion. “At Ritual Motion, we believe that everyone has a story to share, and Ritual Motion GUILD offers the discoverability and opportunity to connect with viewers in a way that traditional streaming can’t.”

To learn more about the equity crowdfunding efforts, visit the StartEngine campaign here.