Join Ritual Motion GUILD for an in-depth virtual conference that explores the intersections between blockchain, gaming, the metaverse, and the creator economy. Since the launch of the GUILD platform, Ritual Motion has been leading conversations on topics such as cryptocurrency and gaming, the impact of the metaverse on gamers, and investment trends in the esports and gaming industry. As a natural extension of these conversations, the next Ritual Motion GUILD summit will be a deep dive into the intersection of all of these topics featuring expert speakers and panelists throughout the programming.


This past November, the Ritual Motion Gamer Health & Wellness Summit attracted dozens of community members and featured experts from across the gaming and medical fields as we dove into topics focused on both mental and physical health. We plan on continuing to develop entertaining and engaging content in the industry.

“The format of our virtual GUILD summits has been highly successful and we are looking forward to building on our franchise of in-depth events with ‘Creators on the Block’ as well as an upcoming fashion in gaming event planned for early April,” said Dana Paul, CEO and Co-Founder of Ritual Motion. Creators on the Block goes live on March 2, 2022, with more information about panelists and topics coming soon!


Remember to sign up for GUILD for free to check out all of our upcoming sessions! Every session, including our Gamer Health & Wellness Summit, can be found 24/7 on-demand.