Razer’s prototype, labeled as “The World’s Smartest Mask,” is a fascinating innovation that combines protection in public with colorful gaming fashion. The concept is clear: Project Hazel is an N95 mask with RGB lights and voice projection.

The reusable mask contains a transparent outside shell made of scratch-resistant and waterproof recycled plastic to allow lip-reading. The two ventilation zones give the device a futuristic gas mask appearance, but they also filter air that’s breathed in, as well as the CO2 that is exhaled. Razer’s stated that it “will be certified to filter 95% of airborne particles, including the COVID-19 virus.”

The ventilators will be detachable and rechargeable, however, Razer is still working out a few specific issues. How long the ventilators will last and how Razer will alert the user to replace them are still in question. The company has planned to find a way to alert users through a companion mobile app.

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Outside of the safety components, the mask will come packed with some cool tech. Microphones and amplifiers will be embedded in the ventilators and project your voice through the mask. With current masks causing issues with speaking and understanding social cues, Razer is determined to eliminate those problems with Project Hazel.

The mask creates a seal around your nose and chin with a silicon guard and utilizes adjustable ear loops. In addition, Razer is including its signature Chroma RGB LEDs to give it some style. The rings around the ventilators will glow whatever color you prefer, and when you’re wearing the mask in the dark, LEDs will automatically shine on your mouth so others can still see you when you talk.

Razer plans to include a charging case that will also sterilize the mask with UV light when not in use. Prior to its announcement of Project Hazel, the company dedicated efforts to disposable masks as a direct response to the pandemic. Their mask production and packing line helped to alleviate the shortage of masks around the world. Now, it appears that Razer is ready to integrate the usage of its reusable mask as an everyday piece of fashion.