Queens Gaming Collective, a women-led gaming lifestyle company, has named Christie St. Martin as the company’s new Chief Creative Officer. St. Martin will oversee the company’s content creation. She will also be a spokesperson for Queens Gaming Collective in order to “help shape the reach, reputation, and narrative” of the company.

Credit: Christie St. Martin/Queens Gaming Collective

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“At Queens, our real, absolute, true mission is to provide accessibility and community to women in gaming,” St. Martin told Esports Insider. “It’s an inclusive platform that’s dedicated to amplifying voices of women and inspiring the next generation of gamers. That’s probably the most textbook thing I could say about Queens, but the way that I see it is that we’re establishing a new dynasty.

“We’re doing our part to make the world a better place so that my daughter can enter the space and feel like it’s safe for her and she belongs here. I want her to know that [the community] was made for her to reign as the Queen that she will become, that’s my personal goal.”

St. Martin is already a figure in esports. Last year she took on the role of CEO at Gamers.Vote, an organization committed to “empower gamers” and encouraged them to vote in the 2020 Presidential Election. It’s a role she will remain committed to. In the past, she has worked with brands such as PUBG, Facebook, Google, and Samsung, as well as Twitch and Mixer to help create brand strategies.

However, with Queens Gaming Collective, it’s all about the content. She continued, “For me, content is really about the presence of our brand, our incredible talent across all channels, our partnerships, activations, tournaments, capsule drops — it’s going to be built from a purpose that’s driven from the core of who we are as impact pushers from the female narrative. I’m really excited to see how we speak to the audience that makes them feel like they can be more vocal or belong in the space.”