Project Eluüne: StarGarden, a blockchain gaming franchise developed by Arrivant, is a free-to-play and play-to-own title intended for long-term play. StarGarden exists in the Project Eluüne universe where players embark on a quest to repair a destroyed world.

StarGarden is a Guild versus Environment and Guild versus Guild auto-battler RPG for PC and Mobile.

As a player, you’ll recruit, craft, and organize your roster of Creatures. You’ll strategize with your Guildmates, battling alongside them and your Creatures, building structures on you StarGarden, as you repair a shattered world and uncover its many secrets.

According to the game’s whitepaper, StarGarden merges auto chess elements from titles like Team Fight Tactics, the crafting systems of Animal Crossing, and the Guild play of War of Warcraft.

“Through our games we will introduce the larger legacy gaming community to a universe that’s enhanced, but not dominated, by blockchain,” StarGarden’s whitepaper revealed. “Using the Free-to-Play model and enhancing it with blockchain, we are taking a mass-market approach that does not force players to have any knowledge of blockchain at the onset of the player experience; players don’t need a wallet to start playing the game.”

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The self-identified approach is called Play & Own, and the company hopes that players will dive into the game because it’s enjoyable. However, while they play, they’ll be able to obtain true ownership of assets.

As a player, you answer the call of Eluüne, a mysterious
entity who has sent an SOS message to us humans from
a hidden world… but we soon learn that this is not just
any hidden world—it’s one that seems to exist within the
interstices of our internet networks. This techno-magical
world, teeming with fantastic life and a rich history spanning
millions of years, is called Eleriah.

Players will interact in Guilds of 5-40 inside the game, where they can jump into different Domains to complete various Quests. The auto chess elements are evident in the way Quests are completed. Players will strategically place Creatures on the board to defeat enemy Creatures. Rewards include Experience Points, ingredients, Domain Progress, and Aurah (the game’s personal Creature currency).

For more information about Project Eluüne: StarGarden, check out the game’s whitepaper.