Optimal Ambition (OA), a global professional esports organization and lifestyle brand, and the Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE), a non-profit organization supporting youth esports players and their parents, have joined forces with Ritual Motion to produce live video content for the youth esports community.  The content will be made available on Ritual Motion’s new live-video platform, RM GUILD: Gamers United In Live Discussion. RM GUILD is a social sharing and collaboration tool designed and built to allow gamers and the esports community to create, collaborate, and share meaningful content with a unique and interactive audience experience. 

“We at Optimal Ambition and the OA Academy are ecstatic to partner with two impactful and reputable entities in COPE and Ritual Motion. This is a tremendous opportunity to provide high value content to positively influence the gaming industry,” said Politikos, co-founder and CEO of Optimal Ambition.

As official channel partners on RM GUILD, Optimal Ambition and COPE will be developing a calendar of live video sessions in the form of interviews, panels and round table discussions.   The sessions will feature gaming industry insiders, esports professionals and topic experts.  The content is being developed specifically to serve Optimal Ambition’s core audience of young, aspiring esports players and gaming enthusiasts.

“COPE is excited to partner with OA and RM GUILD to bring fun and informative content around the esports scene,” said Chris Spikoski, co-founder of COPE.  “As well as having an exciting roster of competitive players, OA has built their foundation around its community and prides themselves on being inclusive and an org for the people. RM GUILD is the perfect gaming focused platform to host joint OA/COPE content.”   

RM GUILD launched in May 2021 and has rapidly gained traction among the gaming community.  “Ritual Motion is thrilled to be bringing Optimal Ambition and COPE to the RM GUILD platform,” said Dana Paul, co-founder and CEO of Ritual Motion.  “This type of high impact content is exactly what RM GUILD is about — bringing leaders in our industry together with our audiences through meaningful discussion and explorations to make gaming a better experience for all.”

The channel is set to launch on Wednesday, September 1 at 7:00 pm EST featuring a session with OA’s co-founder, Politikos (@codepolitikos), COPE’s co-founder, Chris Spikoski (@Cspikoski) and pro Fortnite player, Sticks (@imsticksfn). The conversation will welcome the community and discuss how to find balance between school, family, and gaming.  Future sessions will offer more opportunities to meet some more of the OA pro team, delve into the positive power of gaming with COPE and also provide insight into how Optimal Ambition operates and what it takes to go pro.

For more information visit: https://ritualmotion.com/rmguild/optimal-ambition-cope/


About Optimal Ambition – https://www.optimalambition.com/ | @optimalambition

Optimal Ambition, LLC, a global professional esports organization and lifestyle brand, was established in 2020 by a group of friends brought together by fate, an ambition to achieve goals, and a constant desire to accomplish a better gaming community.  We are not solely focused on talent; but more importantly attitude, motivation, and contributing positivity to our organization and overall community.

About COPE: Coalition of Parents in Esports – https://cope.gg/ | @CopeGG

COPE is a 501(C)3 nonprofit that is revolutionizing esports by getting parents involved.  Our mission is to remove the outdated, negative stigmas in gaming that are outdated;  To educate parents on how to support their children in gaming; To raise awareness on the education benefits of gaming and esports; Inform on the many career paths in this industry; Provide resources to make esports more rewarding; An to provide scholarships to aspiring athletes.

About Ritual Motion https://www.ritualmotion.com | @RITUAL_MOTION

Ritual Motion is For the Good of Gamers. Ritual Motion is the brand leader in promoting wellness, diversity and inclusion among the gaming and esports community featuring expert content, wellness products and rich community experiences.  With the launch of RM GUILD: Gamers United in Live Discussion, the brand has brought a new live-video platform to gamers allowing them to create, collaborate and share through a unique interactive experience.