National Girls and Women in Sports Day is being celebrated today! All of us here at Ritual Motion are also recognizing women in esports. Below is a collection of content centered around women and the amazing things they are doing in the industry.

Avori Henderson Talks Women in Games, Breaking Into the Industry

Avori Henderson is a model and former pageant contestant who found her home in gaming as a content creator. She developed the first PUBG all-women tournament in 2019 and has been an advocate of women in the industry. In this exclusive interview, she details the trials and challenges from being a woman in the industry, and gives advice for those looking to find their way in esports.

Emuhleet: Breaking Barriers and Finding Balance in Esports


Emmalee “Emuhleet” Garrido is a five-time world champion and is the Captain of Dignitas Fe Valorant and CSGO. However, during the day she is a nurse. In this interview, Emuhleet talks about her experience juggling a career in healthcare with her role as the leader of an esports team, finding balance between the two, and how other women can develop their own careers.

Women in Esports Partners With Rix.GG for Valorant Tournament

DrLupoIn 2019, the British Esports Association announced its Women in Esports initiative to promote inclusivity and diversity in the esports industry. Since then, Women in Esports has helped increase female participation in the industry. In January, it announced a partnership with UK esports organization Rix.GG to host a women’s Valorant tournament.

Women in Gaming: Career Success Story


We had a chance to catch up with Wendy Lecot, Head of Strategic Alliances and Digital Marketing Innovation at HyperX on her career and role with one of the leading brands in its space, best known for the high performance headsets preferred by many in the community.

Starting with her early days in the field, Wendy has evolved with the industry, using her tech background to move through school and work before finding a home at HyperX.

More Than Meets the Eye: A Female Streamer Experience


Streaming has become a popular form of entertainment, both for spectators and content creators. Ritual Motion writer Monica Miller jumped into the good, the bad, and the ugly side of streaming. Her experience is one mirrored by several other women in the industry! In her article, Monica states: “I hope that with efforts like Ritual Motion’s Women in Gaming initiatives, women can feel welcome and safe to play equally and fairly on the virtual field in every way, including their content creation.”