There is always more than what meets the eye. That’s why I started writing this blog series. My goal was to shine a spotlight on gamers, who are traditionally underrepresented due to stigma

There is a lot more to a gamer than what we see from the outside, and I was determined to help change the perception of the gaming community for the better. After over a decade of extreme gaming habits during my childhood, I realized as an adult that my immersion in the virtual world taught me a lot about the real world, despite appearances. 

Once I made this connection, I started writing vulnerably about the mental, emotional, and educational value that video games provided me. In February of 2020, I published my first More Than Meets the Eye article on LinkedIn. As of today, I’ve written 10 articles in total about these invaluable life lessons, including:

  • How video games shaped my career path
  • My experience as a female gamer and streamer
  • How in-game lessons assisted my weight loss and changed my life
  • Dealing with isolation healthily
  • Esports, video games, and their connection to education

These topics are intense, and it was admittedly difficult putting my thoughts and feelings into words. Luckily, I have a compulsive habit to overshare, so I was committed to translating my experiences into shareable stories. 

As I move along in life, I find myself leaning into my deep-rooted passion for education reform. My public school experience from grades K-12 was not the greatest. As a kinesthetic learner, the traditional public school model fell short in providing me a tangible education. I was lucky to have video games to fill in the gaps.

In school, I often found myself confused and unmotivated. I wasn’t being taught how to do anything except score higher on exams and remember vocabulary words. Why wasn’t I learning about the real world? The real world, to me, isn’t about high test scores or knowing what complicated words like “antipathy” means. 

I learned more life lessons about the real world through video games than I did in school. I learned how to buy and sell goods, how to work well with others on a team, how to think critically and hold accountability for my actions, and so much more within my virtual worlds.

Unfortunately, these lessons aren’t the focal point of a traditional public education, and without video games, I would be lacking many necessary soft skills for the job market. I will be forever grateful to game developers and the gaming community for helping me learn and hone these skills. When it comes to my gaming experience, there are only so many stories that I can share without sounding repetitive. 

Although I won’t be writing this series for publication on Ritual Motion any longer, I will still be a contributor to the site. Thank you, Ritual Motion, for providing a platform for my voice and for More Than Meets the Eye.