It’s true: Many people expected Crash Bandicoot to be the last DLC announcement for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Instead, we got Sephiroth seemingly impaling Mario with his sword (a fake-out, of course) before revealing that he would be joining the lineup of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Obviously, there’s a bit of a difference between Crash Bandicoot and Sephiroth. 

Sephiroth and Mario – The Game Awards


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Should we still hope to expect the mutant bandicoot to “crash” into the Smash lineup (that was bad, I know)? Rumors are still saying yes. 

It began when the N.Sane Trilogy was released on every console and platform (yes, even the Nintendo Switch). Whispers of a Smash announcement accompanied it. After, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time was announced, and the reality of seeing him jump into Smash became… y’know, a little more realistic. 

Now, It’s About Time is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X on March 12, further encouraging the hopes of a Smash announcement. However, there are other fans fueling the flames. 

Rumors have emerged stating that Crash Bandicoot will be getting an Amiibo figure. Often, characters that get the Amiibo release also end up on Smash. While it hasn’t been confirmed, other Amiibo figures will be coming out, particularly for Monster Hunter. What does this mean for Crash? Who knows. 

The next fighter might be from Monster Hunter. Or it could be Crash. Or it could be someone else entirely! My question is: Would you play as Crash Bandicoot in Super Smash Bros.? Or do you think these rumors are simply… rumors?