HyperX, one of the leading gaming equipment brands, and global esports technology company Esposure have partnered to help increase accessibility to education. In addition, the two companies will move to “create awareness of careers in esports by providing an end-to-end pathway for aspiring professionals and competitive gamers through educational programs and esports entertainment.”

Esposure x HyperX


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“Esposure and HyperX have common goals to generate more opportunities for women in esports, promote education and eliminate barriers that keep individuals from learning about esports,” said Danny Martin, CEO of Esposure in a press release. “It’s really exciting that we now have this partnership that brings tangible resources to our [Education to Entertainment] ecosystem and best-in-class peripherals to our arena.”

According to the company’s press release, the pandemic’s spread in 2020 created an opportunity for Esposure to “grow its efforts to support the competitive gaming community with STEM-certified online education resources and virtual esports experiences.” This included the construction of gaming labs as well as development of “Esposure’s arena of the future, sponsorship of live and virtual esports events, and general support of ongoing strategic educational initiatives.”

“Esposure’s goals and values align very well with those of HyperX, and we’re excited by the impact we can have going forward together as complimentary brands,” said Wendy Lecot, Head of Strategic Alliances at HyperX. “Combining Esposure’s unique esports educational model with our equipment resources opens the door to create high-quality gaming and learning experiences for individuals of all backgrounds.”

Both companies have been experiencing significant growth. Esposure announced partnerships with Esports College & Career Pathways and Bolt Global last year. Just recently, HyperX was acquired by HP for $425 million, giving HP a massive foothold in the gaming accessory market.