Pride month is in full swing, but it’s important to always celebrate and be an ally for your LGBTQ+ friends. Existing as a queer person in the world of gaming can be taxing. We have to worry about things like trolls online and read “criticism” about queer characters in popular games that’s really just blanketed homophobia. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to support your queer friends in all aspects of the gaming world and be an excellent ally during Pride month and all year long.

Purchase Games From Queer Game Developers

Supporting queer game developers is a no-brainer. There are many AAA games that feature queer storylines from queer people. David Gaider, a celebrated writer and narrative designer, worked on games like the Dragon Age series and Baldur’s Gate. While supporting and playing big-name titles is important, if you want to really make an impact, support a small game developer.

There are games like Ikenfell and If Found that celebrate queer identities through and through. In Ikenfell, you move through a magical world searching for your missing sister. It features turn-based combat and a pixel art style. Many of the characters in the game are queer, and its creator and many of those who worked on it are as well.

If Found is a visual novel game that follows a young trans woman dealing with familial conflicts. Many have praised it for offering an authentic, realistic representation of trans life and issues. Its narrative qualities and storytelling make it easy for anyone to connect with the main character. 

Stand Up For Your Queer Friends

Many gaming spaces can be a little intimidating and scary for queer people. In the past, I’ve shared how navigating voice chat as a queer person can be scary. If you, as an ally, ever witness something like that, standing up for that person offers an unparalleled level of support. 

As a queer person, it can be hard to find a voice against a sometimes very vocal majority. This comes to play outside of just voice chat situations, too, of course. Trolls exist everywhere. Standing up for queer people on social media, in person, and anywhere else you exist together.

Offering a kind word or helping hand to your queer friends can be life saving. In a world that often tries to tear us down, getting support means a lot. It’s especially important to support your trans friends right now with the sweeping legislation occurring targeting trans people in the United States.

Buy Games With LGBTQ+ Representation 

We’ve already covered five awesome games with queer representation, but it’s worth repeating the importance. Buying games with queer characters, stories, and experiences shows developers and publishers that people want to see that kind of content. 

Hades, for example, isn’t overly queer. I’d bet you that many people who played it wouldn’t even notice some of the game’s queerness. It’s subtle but important and highlights an often miss group of queer people – bisexuals. 

Tell Me Why is a narrative adventure game. It follows twins Tyler and Alyson as they try to piece together broken memories they share from a past trauma. It is a beautiful game with an incredibly well flashed out lead character who is trans.

Support Queer Content Creators

Obviously there are a number of queer people who work behind the scenes in game development. There are also a ton of awesome queer people who put themselves out there on Twitch streaming games, as game journalists (hi!), and as YouTube content creators. 

Twitch is full of awesome queer streamers. features the best of the best in their annual Gayming Awards. This year, they nominated twelve different LGBTQ streamers. Twitch can be difficult to break into, so watching a queer streamer and taking part in conversation is chat can truly make someone’s day.

As a queer game journalist, it can at times be hard to find support for queer POVs, but in the time I’ve been a writer, I’ve seen a number of changes. If you want to support things I do or things other queer journalists do, read and share our content. 

Finally, similarly to Twitch, YouTube is home to a number of awesome queer content creators. YouTube allows for more specific content versus something like Twitch. Video essays like How RPGs Helped Me Come Out highlight how RPGs have parallels with the queer experience.