Video games are embraced by all walks of life, and its sense of community is one of the best aspects of modern human connection. Podcast God and Gaming hopes to bridge the gap between religion and the gaming culture as the two hosts discuss the Catholic approach to a traditionally non-religious arena. The show interviews key players in the industry to tap into the future of evangelization and leading people to the Gospel.

The YouTube-based show powered by Word on Fire has generated six episodes so far, and have jumped into various topics from how we find meaning in video games to how music can save lives and build faith. It’s an interesting take on the intersection of gaming and religion, especially as they jump into themes of escapism, the needs to be a hero, and how gamers play to find God. With gaming now a massive web of connectivity and human connection, God and Gaming’s Fr. Blake Britton and Bobby Angel hope to spotlight the path of brotherhood and how it aligns with Catholicism.

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Guests so far have included Jonathan Blevins (also known as Ninja’s brother), video game music composer Sean Beeson, and professor of media Dr. Edward Castronova as they explore various games and find positive ways to connect gaming culture with Christ.

For more information about God and Gaming, RSVP to the upcoming interview on GUILD featuring the show’s hosts Fr. Blake Britton and Bobby Angel! Learn more about the Genesis of the podcasts, their own connections to gaming, and how the show as impacted the Catholic community on Friday, April 1 at 2 PM ET.