Gen.G announced today in a press release that the global organization will be celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8 with a full schedule of content to last the entire month. Bumble, the “women-first dating and networking app,” will be highlighting women in the gaming community through virtual events and charity livestreams through Gen.G’s Team Bumble.

U.S. Bank will also place the spotlight on the professional career paths in gaming while Urban Outfitters will partner on the launch of Gen.G’s “Work From Home,” a series of “livestreamed workshops focused on the intersection of gaming and culture.”

“We will proudly raise our hand high this month as a global organization to amplify the conversation for gender equity and inclusion,” said Gen.G VP of Brand Gina Chung Lee. “Women gamers are continuing to emerge onto the scene and take their place as competitors and creators, and we have an obligation to mentor and foster their success at all levels. It’s vitally important we celebrate our achievements.”

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Gen.G will be supporting Girls Who Code with a line of charity events starting on March 7 on Twitch. Girls Who Code is “focused on closing the gender gap in new entry-level tech jobs by 2027 by addressing the biggest drop off of girls in computer science which is between the ages of 13 and 17.”

In a combination of short-form content and livestreams, Gen.G and Bumble will focus on gameplay from both Fortnite and VALORANT. Team Bumble’s search for its next content creator will also take place in a live show titled “The Next Big Buzz.” Here, contestants will “compete in a series of challenges to win a creator contract from Gen.G.”

Guest appearances include Ploo, Bnans, Jess Brohard, Emily Ghoul, Jessica Kim, Sean Gares, and Raynday.

U.S. Bank will also be sponsoring content focused on professional development through the Gen.G Women’s Month Relay and episodes of “Play Like A Girl.” The company will also reward community members with tech “needed to take their work to the next level.”

“Women are often underrepresented in technology roles across all industries including financial services,” said Stephanie Hammes-Betti, Senior Vice President of Innovation Design at U.S. Bank. “At U.S. Bank we are looking to change that for the long-term and supporting the work of Gen.G and these talented women gamers is one way we are doing that. We look forward to celebrating women in March.”

According to the press release, Gen.G plans to launch the Work From Home Workshops, “an educational lifestyle series” that will take place on Twitch. The first workshop on March 14 at 3 pm PST will contain a special focus on music and gaming. The second workshop on March 15 at 4 pm PST will cover beauty and gaming.