The holiday season is here and Ritual Motion is celebrating by hosting another charity Super Smash Bros. tournament! Gaming for Tots is an open singles tournament that will be held on on Dec. 12. Entry for the tournament is free; however, players can offer a donation to help benefit Toys for Tots. Gaming for Tots will be live on our Twitch channel where players will compete for $2500 in cash and prizes.

To register for the tournament, visit!

Pools: 3:00 PM EST
Top 256: 5:00 PM EST
Top 32: 7:00 PM EST (BO5)
Top 8: 9:15 EST (BO5)

In addition to the tournament, Gaming for Tots will also feature “12 Days of Streams” to keep the fundraising going. Each night between December 1st and December 11th a different personality will host a stream on Twitch to engage with audiences and drive the fundraising effort to benefit Toys for Tots.

Dec. 1st: @mrschimchimlol –
Dec. 2nd: @legitkorea –
Dec. 3rd: @theteemonster –
Dec. 4th: @littlemarples –
Dec. 5th: @hero19x –
Dec. 6th: @mythicmikaela –
Dec. 7th: @zerosaru –
Dec. 8th: @charleemanderz –
Dec. 9th: @hazelnuttylife –
Dec. 10th: @skybilz –
Dec. 11th: @whalersgg –

For more information on Gaming for Tots, as well as our other holiday celebrations, visit our Gaming for Tots page!