From professional football in the CFL to dropping into Verdansk on Warzone, Alden Darby is no newbie when it comes to competing in any aspect. When his season was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, he jumped into gaming and watching Twitch streamers. As a self-proclaimed “Twitch connoisseur,” Alden became “infatuated” by the skills of many of the top Warzone streamers. He became determined to learn. 

“I am a competitor, but I also respect everybody and whatever field [they’re] in. Seeing how good these guys were, I didn’t want to put on a camera, play a video game, and use my football platform to get me followers. I didn’t want to be a football player that plays games,” Alden stated. In fact, it took around seven to eight months for him to even go live. He spent the time grinding the game and getting better at it first.

The respect he shows toward other pro gamers is what makes Alden a true competitor. For him, it wasn’t about simply making content and building an audience. It was about being good at the game and reaching the level of the top Warzone gamers. 

To him, it’s a massive learning experience. It wasn’t about just streaming the game. It was about watching others and learning how they play. 

“I always look at everything from a football and team standpoint: strategy, using your brain, thinking fast, making the right moves, and [in Warzone] you have to make the right plays, know when to revive, know what buys to go to, and know how to move around the map. This is really a challenging game,”  he added. It’s become his favorite game. He hasn’t touched another title since jumping into Warzone.

It’s refreshing to see a competitor talk about how he learns each specific aspect of the game. From spending hours on Twitch watching players like NickMercs and Tfue to replicating what they do in-game, becoming a top-level player isn’t easy. 

To watch this session of RM GUILD, visit our on-demand page. Make sure to check out Alden Darby’s Twitch channel for all things Warzone.