Freaks 4U Gaming, esports agency and production company, has joined non-profit association Diversity in Esports (DivE) to help produce VCT Game Changers Series EMEA. The mission? To help promote women in VALORANT esports. Freaks 4U Gaming will be a contributing partner for the series with a focus on planning and event production.

“Freaks 4U Gaming commends DivE for spearheading the important cause of gender diversity in esports,” said Matthias Remmert, Senior Vice President of Product, TV, and Media Production at Freaks 4U Gaming, “and we are incredibly proud to take part in this movement supporting both Riot Games and DivE. Inclusion is and has always been part of our DNA shaping our company culture. Whether it’s our gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background, or gaming preference, we embrace and celebrate both our commonalities and differences.”

First introduced in February 2021, Riot Games’ VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers series has always aimed to create opportunities for women in VALORANT. The ultimate goal is to build a more inclusive VALORANT Champions Tour.

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DivE is a non-profit organization focused on increasing gender diversity in esports and was previously named the official tournament organizer of the VCT Game Changers Series EMEA.

Vera Wienken, Brand Manager at Riot Games, added: “We couldn’t be more proud about our first achievements this year. It’s awesome seeing these women competing on such a high level and vocalizing their dedication and positive experience publicly. With DivE as the experienced diversity tournament organizer and Freaks 4U Gaming, our long-term partner for high-quality broadcasts and production, we have set up the perfect team to support women in esports and create safe spaces to shine!”

The VALORANT esports scene has become a huge advocate for gender equality in the industry, and it’s nice to see such an emphasis on the mission. With Freaks 4U Gaming joining to help boost the production of the tournament, the spectator experience will only become better.