FootEarn, one of the first online 3D esports football games to implement blockchain and NFTs, has announced a strategic partnership with Polygon and Polygon Studios.

FootEarn boasts an “engaging and accessible gameplay that attracts gamers from all ages, genders, and countries.” The game’s multiplayer mode will allow players to compete directly with each other and earn prizes by battling through tournaments.

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Best of all, FootEarn is free-to-play and opens the game to players without requiring them to pay any mandatory initial fee. Each player will have a free team to begin with, but for an “enhanced experience,” players can upgrade their team by opening NFT Boxes to receive new players or upgrades for player stats.

An important part of FootEarn’s roadmap is the release of the game’s Testnet version. This will allow players to experience in-game features like opening boxes, exchanging players, buying, selling, and using NFTs. The Full version is planned to launch in Q4 2022.

FootEarn will launch its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on BHO Pad. BHO Pad provides a “special mechanism where participants only need to stake a minimum of 50,000 BHO on the platform to secure an IDO investment ticket without relying on luck.”