FaZe Clan has officially entered Rocket League after acquiring The Peeps, a North American team. The announcement was made during a promotional “interruption” during the Verizon 5G Ultra Cup Rocket League Competition. The organization now carries nine competitive teams in different esports titles.

The Peeps, a roster developed in 2018, is currently in 5th place in the North American RLCS circuit. For months, fans of the team used the hashtag #PickUpThePeeps on various social media platforms in hopes that the roster would find a home in an official organization. To find a spot in FaZe is a major feat, especially as the roster that kicks off the organization’s entrance into the RLCS.

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“We are so proud of our esports teams dominating in 2021,” said FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink and Head of Esports Erik Anderson. “We’ve been looking at Rocket League for years now and love what Psyonix has been doing. We hope our fans are just as excited as we are that the day is finally here as we welcome The Peeps to FaZe Clan!”

In celebration, FaZe Clan is releasing two limited edition hoodies dedicated to The Peeps. The hoodies, priced at $65, are available at FaZe Clan’s official website until March 21.