Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, Founder of 100 Thieves, has partnered with Excedrin to help educate gamers about the risks of headaches while playing, and how to prevent and fight them.

The partnership includes a six-step mindfulness routine to help reduce the mental and physical stress that can trigger headaches. According to a study posted by Excedrin, 80% of players play through headache pain.

“We talked to gamers,” a statement on Excedrin’s gaming page reads. “and 82% felt they could play better if they were able to more effectively manage their headaches. Nearly 3 in 4 gamers say getting head pain while gaming adversely affects focus and performance.”

It’s an important partnership, and one of the first we’ve seen coming directly from a major healthcare brand. With the importance of health and wellness in esports falling underneath a heavier spotlight, it’ll be interesting to see which other healthcare brands try to weave their way into esports.

Nadeshot spoke to Esports Insider about the partnership, stating: “Headaches are not something widely discussed in the gaming world. Many of us just brush it off and avoid getting to the root of the issue finding ways to prevent themselves from getting future headaches. This sucks because headaches can really take you out of the game and negatively impact performance.”

He also stated that he has embraced Excedrin’s six-step mindfulness routine: “Many people don’t realize it, but both physical and mental health are important components to being a successful gamer. Practicing mindfulness is crucial because when we feel our best, our minds and reflexes are quicker, sharper, and more focused, which helps us to play better. I’m really impressed with how Excedrin is taking the steps to help gamers embrace mindful gaming and think it’s something that should be brought up more in the gaming world.”

A lot of focus related to eye strain and body pain have pinpointed products that revolve more around preventing pain with wearables like blue light glasses and gaming skins, which are incredibly important. For example, Oakley most recently partnered with OpTic Chicago captain Seth “Scump” Abner who is known to wear glasses during Call of Duty competitions. Medication, and it’s proper usage, is a vital factor that has been brushed past, and it’s refreshing to see a brand like Excedrin break into the industry to help educate gamers, not just about their product, but how to reduce the stress and tension that can cause headaches.