eFuse, popular tournament organizer and esports social platform, has made its first acquisition as it pulls College CoD under its umbrella. With collegiate esports being one of eFuse’s focuses, particularly through the company’s eFuse Pipeline, this acquisition will open up more opportunities for college Call of Duty. The upcoming season of College CoD will carry a guaranteed $25,000 prize pool enhanced by eFuse’s audience and technology.

For the past three years, College CoD has been powered by volunteers. With eFuse’s acquisition, the organization’s own Jaden “Jbyrd” Shaw, Jacen “sonofpaint” Garriss, and Marco or Jacob “Smgl” Marcovechio have officially been brought onto the eFuse team to focus on the heightened initiative.

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An announcement post by Smgl at College CoD wrote: “One of the biggest goals of College CoD has been to move from a volunteer based platform to one that can provide monetary value to the time people spend working those long events, modding channels, broadcasts, and more. This acquisition gives us an opportunity to do just that – provide payment to people as contract opportunities arise.”

The acquisition will inevitably introduce more resources. Smgl continued: “…the eFuse acquisition is going to enable [College CoD] to activate on all sorts of once ‘talks, ideas, and opportunities.’ Let’s face it. We’ve been wanting more events, more content, more stories, more alumni opportunities, and more of everything. This gets us there. Rightfully highlighting All-Stars, turning community initiatives into unique events and even potentially dipping our toes in other tournament types.”

“What you can expect about this acquisition is more, more, more,” said Matthew Benson, CEO of eFuse. “We’re going to get more prize pools, we’re going to have more competitions, we’re going to have greater viewership. It’s going to be a ton of fun and we’re really grateful and excited to bring the College CoD community into the eFuse umbrella, so look forward to a lot more.”

With more colleges moving to embrace esports, this is a fantastic move, not just for esports as a whole, but for the Call of Duty fanbase.

Jaden Shaw, Director of College CoD, added: “eFuse gives College CoD the opportunity to continue to grow and impact the college esports community. This is going to allow us to throw quality events online all year long and work toward those coveted offline events. This is just the beginning of what we want to accomplish at College CoD and eFuse helps us get there. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive group to have in our corner.”