Complexity Gaming is making its push into Web3 with its first-ever NFT drop. The digital collectible, called the Genesis drop, is a collaboration with ARterra Labs, a digital collectibles platform hyper-focused on the esports and gaming market. The drop will feature 2003 free-to-mint digital tokens designed to commemorate the organization’s founding year.

“As one of the first esports teams in North America, Complexity’s 2003 digital collectibles are a nod to our deep roots in the space,” said Jason Lake, CEO, Complexity Gaming; Global Head of Esports, GameSquare Esports; and ARterra Labs advisor. “Complexity wouldn’t be where it is today without our fans’ unwavering support. That’s why we’re partnering with ARterra Labs to offer this free digital collection as a token of our appreciation – it’s a chance for our fans to own a piece of Complexity’s history and engage deeper with our players and creators.”

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Issued through ARterra Lab’s carbon-neutral platform, Complexity’s digital collection will be available for fans to claim on a first-come, first-serve basis at no cost. Complexity and ARterra Labs will work closely with token holders to identify and build meaningful fan engagement opportunities that these digital collectibles will unlock at the intersection of Web3 and gaming.

“Complexity’s rich history in competitive gaming makes them the perfect partner to launch our platform with and to carry out such a culturally symbolic drop for its fanbase,” said Bridge Craven, CEO, ARterra Labs. “We see digital collectibles as a way for the gaming community to show their fandom in this new digital era, and we hope Complexity’s fans will be excited by the opportunity of grabbing one of Complexity’s 2003 digital tokens.”

Complexity’s push into Web3 is similar to the method used by 100 Thieves who recently dropped a free-to-mint championship chain commemorating the organization’s victory in the 2021 LCS Championship. It helped pull in a new wave of NFT collectors, and the organization revealed that newly created wallets made up a major portion of the 300,000+ claims. While 100 Thieves utilized the Polygon blockchain, Complexity will take advantage of the NEAR Blockchain that ARterra is built on.

For more information on the Genesis drop, visit Complexity Gaming’s official website.