Ritual Motion is proud to partner up with PwR Up GG to broadcast panels from its upcoming gaming convention PwR^South Bend on GUILD. The company’s mission is to bring the digital world to the local community, and PwR^South Bend will open up access to different in-person activities including creator workshops, VR, retro gaming, a top-of-the-line LAN setup, and a developer showcase. 

The event kicks off on December 17-19, but Saturday and Sunday will place the spotlight on an incredible line of speakers that include Erin Ashley Simon, IamBrandon, GamerDoc, and more. All upcoming panels can be found on the PwR^South Bend GUILD Channel so make sure to RSVP to get reminders! 


  • 12:00 pm ET: Accessibility in Gaming – TokiMekiEmily and Voxnee
  • 1:30 pm ET: Convention Experience – Monica Miller and Guests
  • 3:00 pm ET: IHSEN player preview/HS Esports – Nate Thompson
  • 4:30 pm ET: The Many Faces of Legend of Zelda – Zac Tepe
  • 6:00 pm ET: VR Arcade review
  • 9:00 pm ET: Creator Workshop – Monica Miller, QBZ, and Drulk



  • 12:00 pm ET: Running a Convention – PwR^GG
  • 1:30 pm ET: LAN Center in Action – Bendix
  • 3:00 pm ET: Smash Finals Preview
  • 4:30 pm ET: Musical Atmosphere – Bell Book and Canto

For more information about PwR^South Bend, check out the official website.

(Schedule subject to change)