Call of Duty: Vanguard has been playable since November, but the Call of Duty League doesn’t plan to open its season until February. Concerns have been raised about the current state of the competitive title, with prominent esports figures taking social media to ask Activision for better support. However, developer support for the league seems to be only one of the issues.

Control, one of the game modes previously used in competitive Call of Duty, may not be used at all this season. While the third game mode has been regularly changed before in the past, it’s usually replaced by familiar game modes like Domination, Capture the Flag, or Uplink. However, in this case, it’s possible that the entire third mode could be destroyed altogether. New York Subliners player Ian “Crimsix” Porter revealed that three Search & Destroy matches could fill the void left behind by Control.

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“[Sledgehammer Games] can’t seem to figure out Control,” he stated on Twitch. This comes as a major concern as the Kickoff Classic is still scheduled to take place on January 21. While the CDL ruleset still includes Control as one of the three competitive modes, players and fans are anxiously awaiting news on an updated format. In a list of issues plaguing Call of Duty esports, this is just one more problem falling beneath Activision’s lack of competitive support.