Call of Duty 2021 is just eight months away and rumors of the next installment have continued suggesting it will take place during WWII… again. The initial rumors began not long after the release of Cold War, but the latest rumor goes slightly further and claims that the title is likely “WWII Vanguard.”

It’s safe to assume that this is likely an internal code name, but it accurately lines up with the idea of a WWII setting. Sledgehammer Games is taking the reins in the cycle this year, and while many people had hoped to see a return to jetpack gameplay, it’s obvious that boots-on-the-ground mechanics are here to stay. At least for this next cycle. Most of the kneejerk negative reactions are from those who disliked the last WWII title in the franchise (me included), which was also developed by Sledgehammer. Ultimately it’s not a surprising move considering the path of the last couple of years.

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With Infinity Ward focusing on Modern Warfare and Treyarch refreshing the Black Ops series, it’ll be interesting to see how a revamped WWII title will act, particularly in the next season of the Call of Duty League as well as Warzone.

What are your thoughts?