Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War might still be the star of the show, but the development cycle is still continuing with a new release later this year. The next installment was confirmed for a Q4 release during Activision’s earnings call, but no other details were highlighted.

Overnight leaks suggested that the 2021 title would be set during the World War II era. Victor_Z, a known leaker of Call of Duty content, tweeted a hammer emoji over an image of the WWII cover art. With Sledgehammer Games up to produce a Call of Duty title in the development cycle, that news isn’t surprising.

As far as the content of the game itself, many people assumed that it would possibly be a “World War 3” game. However, when asked, Victor_Z clarified that it is specifically WWII.

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Obviously the leaks have not been confirmed by Activision, but Victor_Z has been known to accurately leak gaming information. In the past, he accurately detailed that August 2020’s Black Ops Cold War trailer would include a 10 second multiplayer preview.

In addition, Owner and CEO of Viral Junkie Tom Henderson, stated that Call of Duty 2021 will be “gritty and likely going to be controversial like [Modern Warfare].”

Considering Sledgehammer Games’ last title was Call of Duty: WWII back in 2017, the leaks would make sense. With the success of Black Ops Cold War making it one of Call of Duty’s biggest years leading into 2021, Activision will undoubtedly begin releasing news soon.

Call of Duty is entering 2021 with the largest player community it has ever had to start a year,” Daniel Alegre, President and Chief Operating Officer of Activision stated. “And with a compelling pipeline of live operations and seasonal content across PC, console and mobile, and now mobile momentum in China, our focus will be to continue to expand the reach of our franchise while sustaining deep engagement for existing players.”