Apex Legends has gathered a lot of attention lately thanks in part to the wave of popular streamers dedicating time to climb the ranks. In late August, Respawn Entertainment announced that tap-strafing would be removed, a mechanic that directly affects M&K (mouse and keyboard) players.

Respawn stated that the technique is “inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities.” The news was not received well by M&K players, particularly pro players that utilized the technique. In addition, many of the complaints suggested that controllers would no longer be balanced. Many are worried about how Apex Legends will fare if the changes are too drastic or create an even wider gap between controller and M&K play.

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Respawn has since stated that the company would “continue to evaluate” aim assist in Apex Legends. Some people are assuming that a nerf could be on the way in an attempt to create a better balance between controller and M&K. However, some are shifting the criticism toward M&K players and are even calling for more aim assist in controller gameplay.

NICKMERCS is one of the content creators calling for an aim assist buff instead.

“It’s funny,” he stated. “All these keyboard and mouse guys are talking about aim assist being broken, right, but they’re on keyboard and mouse.”

One user commented: “you need game sense and positioning in both [inputs] but the raw aim and recoil control skill needs to be trained and is the core game element to master.”

For some, it’s just another source of unnecessary complaints. Another user added: “Sometimes balancing is less about actual balancing, and more about perceived balance. Even if EVERYTHING in the whole game is 100% 50/50 balanced, the community will find something to look at and say that it’s OP or unbalanced and demand change. ”

The gap between controller and M&K gameplay will always be a source of debate, especially when it comes to balance. It’s obvious that there are pros and cons to both inputs, and it’ll be interesting to see how Respawn approaches the situation.